Social Distortion’s drummers, part I – Casey Royer

Christopher Reece pediu uma tradução do blog. Ele agradeceu o interesse nos “filhos da California”. Como não dá pra desatender um pedido dele, segue a versão em inglês do post sobre o Casey Royer:

Christopher Reece asked for an english translation for the blog. He said: “Thank you for your interest in California Sons like me”. Once it’s impossible not to say yes for Reece’s asking, here’s the english version of the Casey Royer’s post:

Adolescents’ site says that Rikk Agnew’s first band was Social Distortion. It says that Social D.’s first line-up was Rikk, Frank Agnew and Casey Royer. It doesn’t mention Mike Ness.

Casey Royer was Social D.’s first drummer, when the band started, about 1978-1979, at the “kids of the black hole” time. With him, started a collection of great drummers to join that band.

There’s an interview where Royer says he founded Social D. along with Mike Ness in his bedroom, in his mother’s house. But when the band released it first single, Mainliner/Playpen, in Posh Boy Records, Royer was already gone.

You can read here a small piece of the interview:

What brought you to disband Social Distortion? Was it really because of original guitarist Dennis Danell’s inability to play?

Mike and I were jamming for a couple years with bass player, Mark Garrett (RIP), with Rikk Agnew on guitar, and Tom Corvin singing. With a couple personnel changes, Mike wanted Dennis to play guitar. Dennis didn’t know how to play guitar, Rikk and I played well and were ready to play gigs, so we joined the Adolescents when Tony Adolescent asked.

So did you leave Social Distortion to pursue the Adolescents?

You have to understand, no one really was famous or trying to achieve rock and roll fame, so the decisions we made were pretty off the wall. A total disconnected new world that we ruled. Mike and I split up and I became the singer of S.D. for about a year with some early D.I. guys in 78. Even though Mike and I were the first S.D. I did make up the name so I went with it. I broke up S.D. and formed the Adolescents with Rikk Agnew. A new S.D. with Dennis Dannel (RIP), Brent Lyles RIP, (replaced by John Mauer) came about in 79; Social Distortion II… A whole new chapter.

(Follows a translation in Portuguese).

With the Adolescents, Royer recorded the self-titled classic first album, and the EP Welcome to Reality, both released in 1981. He also played for a short time in Agent Orange, but the most part of his career was along with DI, where he’s a singer. He also played in ADZ, with Tony Reflex and Rikk Agnew. In the cover, he wears a bandana !

You can check Royer with the Adolescents in this video, with a classic line-up, the same that recorded the classic blue album: Tony Montana, Steve Soto, Rikk Agnew (wearing a bandana !), Frank Agnew e Casey Royer.

Next post should be about Derek O’Brien. In the picture, you can see Royer with DI, in a recent concert.


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